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Determination Glycosides Concentration in Petiole of Papaya (Carica Papaya L.) and Its Correlation with pH Value and Lightness with Variation of Heating Time and Temperature

Astrid Agustina Nur Amanah, Ahmad Ni'matullah Al-Baarri, Antonius Hintono


The aims of this research was to apply wet-heat treatment on petiole of papaya to determine glycoside concentration and its correlation with the physical appearance i.e. pH value and lightness. Wet-heat process was conducted at temperature ranging from 50 to 85ᴼC for 5-15 minutes. The obtained data and its correlation were analyzed using regression analysis. The results showed that wet-heat treatment decreased glycosides concentration, pH value and lightness of petiole of papaya. Regression analysis showed the positive linear correlation between the concentration of glycosides and both pH value and lightness resulting value of R2= 0.9919 and 0.9904, respectively. Based on the correlation analysis, the zero concentration of glycosides could be reached when pH and lightness value reached 6.4±0.5 and 22.373±4.0, respectively. As conclusion, wet-heat process leaded to the total elimination in glycosides concentration and its concentration could be determined by the change in pH value and lightness. This results may provide an alternative method on the determination of glycosides in petiole of papaya using simple determination method such as pH and lightness.


petiole of papaya; wet-heat; glycosides; pH; lightness; correlation analysis

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