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Multilevel Extraction for Reducing Tannin of Mangrove Fruit (Bruguiera gumnorrhiza Lamk) as a Raw Material in Mangrove Flour

Subandriyo Subandriyo, Nanik Indah Setianingsih, Muryati Muryati


One of the kind of mangrove fruits can be used spesifically as source of food rich of carbohydrate is from Bruguiera gumnorrhiza (tancang) spesies. This kind of mangrove fruit can be explored as an alternative food and can be treated to be flour rich of carbohydrate. Therefore this kind of mangrove can be developed as source of food based on local resources, considering Indonesia is an island nation so that this kind of mangrove can be cultivated along the coast line. Extraction reducing tannin conducted by fixed variable that is comparison between solvent volume and mangrove fruit chips 3:1, while the changed variable are solvent temperature 50,60,70,80oC and time of immersion 15, 30, 45, 60 minute. The optimal result extraction tannin of mangrove fruit obtained at 80oC temperature with time of immersion 60 minutes. The resulting mangrove fruit meets the national standard of consumption flour with content of HCN 0,26 ppm and tannin 4,56 ppm.


mangrove fruit; multilevel extraction; tannin; mangrove flour

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