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Description on the Change of Lightness and Moisture of Durian Seed during Drying

Mukhamad Husain Nur, V. Priyo Bintoro, Siti Susanti, Ahmad Ni'matullah Al-Baarri


Durian seed has receive huge attention from researcher in tropical country since the utilization of this seed is still questionable. However, the basic process is needed to provide beneficial information to all users for proper process in food industry This study was aimed at describing the basic parameters in drying: lightness and moisture content during drying. The durian seed was dried using drying oven at 50 and 55˚C and the lightness was measured using digital colour meter for Macintosh, in the other hand, the moisture content was analysed through calculation on the differences of weight prior to drying and after drying. All obtained data were analysed statistically using T-test. The results showed that the remarkable decrease in the lightness, from 54.07±1.79 to 49.09±4.10 and in moisture content of durian seed from 48.82±1,69 to 39.30±3.60 after the elevation on drying temperature was applied. This research showed that the elevation on drying temperature provide the significant differences on the lightness and moisture, therefore the temperature should be set properly to compose the maximum quality for final product of durian seed.


durian seed; oven; drying; lightness; moisture

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