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Mass Transfer and Diffusion Coefficient of ᴅ-Allulose during Osmotic Dehydration

Mulyana Hadipernata, Masahiro Ogawa


This study was undertaken to identify the effect of ᴅ-allulose and sucrose solution on mass transport phenomena and diffusion coefficient of sugar solution. Potato samples were immersed in sugar osmotic solution (20% w/v) at room temperature (20°C). The mass transfer kinetics was measured at 30 min, 1 h, 2 h, 4 h, 6 h, 8 h and 16 h. The optimum value of ᴅ-allulose content in sample after immersion with ᴅ-allulose solution was higher compared with sucrose content in sample after immersion with sucrose solution. Also, ᴅ-allulose has higher diffusion coefficient compared with sucrose. Diffusion coefficient of ᴅ-allulose and sucrose were 6.43 x 10-10m2s-1 and 2.83 x 10-10m2s-1, respectively. ᴅ-Allulose has potential effect to accelerate an ingredient movement into the food materials. The acceleration movement of ingredients such as ᴅ-allulose into the food materials may be useful in food processing and preservation such as curing process of meat and fish.

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